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Jun 27 2011

Arrival in Nashville and Induction

Three weeks ago, my mom and I drove from Pittsburgh to Nashville with my life packed in my car. We explored the city the day before Induction and checked out the Parthenon, Broadway, Vanderbilt, Lipscomb, and the schools where I was scheduled to interview the next day. My first impression of Nashville was, “It’s hot and people actually do wear cowboy hats and boots, but it’s not all that different from Pittsburgh. I had gone from Three rivers to two rivers, from the new set of the Batman movie to the Batman building, and from living next to Brentwood to living in Brentwood. (Seriously people…let’s invent some new names for neighborhoods).

After mom hopped on the plane, I stayed over a new CM (Corps Member)’s house with a few other new CMs. It was great getting to know at least a few people before Induction began, and I’m pretty sure theirs were the only names I still remembered after meeting a hundred people the first day. I had interviews before move-in and the one that I thought didn’t go as well ended up being my new school! I got placed teaching Elementary (2nd grade) English Language Learners (ELLs–for a lot of these kids, English isn’t their 2nd language, its their 3rd or 4th).

I can hardly remember induction right now; it feels like another lifetime ago. We were staying at Lipscomb University and had sessions everyday, all-day about Nashville, leadership, diversity, our partnership with Lipscomb…sooo much information. We did have some fun of course. There was the first big dinner with the mayor in the Pinnacle bldg in downtown Nashville, where he welcomed us all to the city and said he was completely behind us :) We got to take the elevators all the way to the top and look out over the city…that night I felt like I was back in the ‘burgh looking over all the lights and bridges. It was pretty cool :) We also got to go to a saloon on one of the last nights and enjoyed some line dancing and country music. Basically every bar on Broadway has live music and dancing; I may not love country right now, but its definitely growing on me. We also had some good dinners at our Transition Team Leaders’ houses and a big corps picnic. I have to admit, I put on a good 5 lbs during induction.

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